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Have you been a victim of Misdemeanor or charged with Misdemeanor in Nevada?  Have your rights in Nevada been violated? Have you been falsely accused?

Contact Us immediately for a FREE case evaluation and answers to your questions  Find out if  you have a case in Nevada and what to do if you do.

Nevada Misdemeanor:

  • A crime less than a felony. --Wharton.

    Note: As a rule, in the old English law, offenses capitally punishable were felonies; all other indictable offenses were misdemeanors. In common usage, the word crime is employed to denote the offenses of a deeper and more atrocious dye, while small faults and omissions of less consequence are comprised under the gentler name of misdemeanors. --Blackstone. The distinction, however, between felonies and misdemeanors is purely arbitrary, and is in most jurisdictions either abrogated or so far reduced as to be without practical value. Cf.
    Felony. --Wharton.

Did You Know?

  • In most cases, the best way to protect your rights is to hire a Nevada attorney?

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