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Have you been a victim of White Collar Crime or charged with a White Collar Crime in California?  Have your rights in California been violated? Have you been falsely accused? We can help.

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California White Collar Crimes:

The term white-collar crime is an expression to denote an array of fraudulent schemes, corruption and commercial offenses perpetrated by "regular folks," con-men, businessmen and public officials alike. Its current usage includes a broad range of non-violent offenses where cheating, dishonesty or corruption are the central elements. It is also referred to as commercial crime, business crime or economic offenses. However, all these terms more appropriately fall under the broader umbrella of white-collar crime.

For some, white-collar crime is not viewed as a "crime" at all, because of its non-violent nature. Violent crime has an immediate and observable impact on its victim, whereas white-collar crime frequently goes undetected or is viewed as a bending of the rules.

Contrary to popular belief, white-collar criminals are thieves and the methods used to conceal their offenses are both artful and ingenious. Concealment of the crime is always an objective of the offender, and it becomes an element of the crime itself. Because it is an artful form of deceit which is skillfully disguised, the investigation itself is often long and laborious in order to prove criminal intent. The offense itself may be disguised in a maze of legitimate transactions, which are quite proper if viewed in isolation. The cumulative effect, however, is the commission of a criminal offense. From the standpoint of the criminal, the ideal white-collar crime is one that will never be recognized or detected as a criminal act.

The distinguishing characteristic of such investigations is the requirement for the investigator to establish criminal intent and the underlying motives of the subject, by reassembling the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to reveal the illegitimacy of the transaction, versus an oversight or a careless act.

On this basis, it has long been established that the nature of white collar-crime demands specialized training and expertise in the area of business, commerce and law, on the part of those who are responsible for investigating and prosecuting white-collar crime and the same holds true today. The sophisticated nature of the crime, the professionals involved, and the fact that the offenders can usually afford the best of defense lawyers demands a professional investigation as well as prosecutorial expertise, in the fight against white-collar crime.

Section 122 Breach of Trust by Public Official

Section 125 Influence Peddling

Section 399 False Return by Public Officer

Section 426 Secret Commissions

Section 466 Conspiracy in Restraint of Trade

Section 380 Fraud

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