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Have you been a victim of a Sex Crime or charged with a Sex crime?  Have your rights in been violated? Have you been falsely accused? We can help.

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Your Rights and Defense:

These cases often require substantial investigation by a private investigator. The attorney should have a good relationship with an experienced PI who has experience in these matters.

The investigation will reveal possible evidence of bias, a history of fabrication and dishonesty, or a motive to lie. If a child is making the allegation, perhaps another adult is telling the child to lie. Or, perhaps another adult is committing the molestation, but the child wants to protect him by accusing another.

Where rape, or date rape is alleged by an adult, various reasons may also exist for the alleged victim to lie. Each case is investigated and defended on its own unique set of facts.

In addition to investigations, it may be necessary to retain an expert in various disciplines, such as “children making false accusastions,” “repressed memory syndrome. These experts can testify and explain why someone, either an adult or child, would fabricate such a story.

Did You Know?  

  • 90% of the rapes and sex crimes of children less than 12 years old knew the offender, accodring to police-recorded incident data.
  • Convicted rape and sexual assault offenders report that 2/3rd of their victims were under the age of 18.
  • State felony court convictions, the FBI's UCR arrests and National Crime Victimization Surveys all point to sex offenders being older than other violent offenders, generally in the early 30's.

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Sex Crimes

Get answers to your questions about Sex Crimes. Don't Wait, you have certain rights that you may lose in time.

Sex Crimes

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